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Hadfield Consultants

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Hadfield Consultants

Hadfield Consultants is a consultancy and advisory business, with many years of experience and expertise in the public and private sector. They work directly with government departments and agencies in the public sector, as well as creating business and sales strategies for the private sector.


Web design, web development, CMS.

The Challenge

Hadfield Consultants needed a new website that represented their values and their services.

As an organisation that works with the government and private interests, they needed a website that was highly professional, but still far away from anything that could be defined as dull. They needed a website that showed off their range of services first and foremost and yet also looked inviting to potential clients.

The Solution

Our solution was to keep things focused on the professional and uncluttered, while feeding as much information as possible to the website visitor. A large scrolling banner on the homepage gives a short description of who Hadfield Consultants are, as well as being able to show embedded videos with more information. Small colourful banners draw the user’s eye to the consultancy’s services, each a link to more information.

A search function near the top of the page lets users find and filter through the property results. A quick search function lets the most common searches be applied quickly, keeping things intuitive and quick for the end user.

A red and white theme runs throughout the website, corresponding to the logo, while the installed Content Management System makes the site easily updatable without technical assistance.

 The final result is a clean professional website that is focused on conveying the expertise and experience of Hadfield Consultants.


The new website is excellent and has been getting a lot of comments. We're very happy with it.